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Chp. 5, Sec. 1 & 2 Study Packet Just in Case you Lost it

Reading: You will be responsible for reading the following pages from Chapter 5. The only way to answer the guiding questions is to read the sections.

Section 1, Land of the Middle Kingdom: pp. 146-149
Section 2, The First Dynasties of China: pp. 150-157
Section 3, The First Chinese Empire: pp. 160-165
Section 4, The Han Dynasty: pp. 166-171

Quiz: Your chapter quiz is scheduled for Tuesday, December 14
Test: Your test will be Thursday, December 16

Terms/Vocabulary: The definitions and pictures for the following terms/vocabulary will be due Thursday, December 16. You will only be able to find a few definitions in the textbook. The remaining ones can be defined by using a paper or online dictionary (Webster/Merriam for example). When you go online to find pictures, I recommend that you enter search phrases such as: “Chinese canals,” or “Ancient Chinese tombs.” Basically, I want you to use “Ancient China or Chinese” to help your search. You need to print the pictures in color. If you don’t have a color printer, paste the pictures onto a word document and take them to a printing store.


Guiding Questions: I have typed out the questions for you, and left enough room for answers (YOU DO NOT NEED TO RE-WRITE THE QUESTIONS ON NOTEBOOK PAPER). All that you need to do is answer them to the best of your abilities. Some of the questions will simply ask you to answer the question using the information from the textbook (FACTUAL), and some will require you to answer them by making inferences and providing your opinion. What this basically means is that you will need to pay attention to information that you can find while reading the sections, and will also need to think outside of what the book has already explained to you.

In Class Activities:

• Ancient Time Line and Comparing Dynasties (Sunday, December 5)
• Terracotta Soldier Art Activity (Thursday, December 9)
• Classroom Barter Market (Sunday, December 12)
• Journals Through History: Ancient China Film (Monday, December 13)
• Chapter 5 Power Point Review (Wednesday, December 15)

Map Work: Your map must be labeled and colored in order to be considered complete

• Create Compass
• Label the following:
• Gobi, Mu Us, and Taklimakan Deserts
• Kunlun Shan, Tian Shan, Atlay, and Himalaya Mountains
• Tibet and North China Plains
• Huang and Chang Rivers
• Yellow, East China, and South China Seas
• Huang River Valley

Study Packets are due Thursday, December 16, 2010

Packet organization:
1) Map
2) Guiding Questions
3) Vocabulary
4) Comparing Dynasties Chart
5) Graphic Organizers
6) Power Point Notes

Section 1, The Land of the Middle Kingdom Guiding Questions
1. During what season does most of the loess end up being washed into the Huang He?

2. When were the earliest crops grown in the Huang He valley?

3. What are 3 problems caused by the floods?

4. How large is the Gobi Desert?

5. What is a unique fact about the Chang Hang River that only 2 other rivers in the world can call themselves?

6. What are the northern steppes good for, and how are they a challenge?

7. In your opinion should the Chinese have built the Three Gorges Dam? Why?

8. What parts of China are the coldest to live, and why?

9. What is a benefit of being a farmer, and what is a benefit of being a herder?

10. Why does the flow of silt come to a stop when it reaches the north China plain?

Section 2, The First Dynasties of China
1. How did towns develop during the Shang Dynasty?

2. What are some things that towns provided?

3. What have archeologists found in Shang temples?

4. What makes Fu Hao a unique ruler?

5. What was a benefit of moving from pictures to symbols when we talk about the ancient Chinese writing?

6. How have oracle bones survived the “test of time?”

7. Why is the Shang dynasty considered a polytheistic culture?

8. What people/dynasty conquered the Shang dynasty? When?

9. Why is the “Mandate of Heaven” a belief that we can all understand and agree with?

10. What form of money was used before “Zhou Coins?”

11. Why were tools needed?

12. Why was Confucius so popular then and now?

13. What do Lao Zi and Siddhartha Gautama have in common?

14. If I died and you wrote a book about me what would you say about what you learn and how you learn in my class?

15. What is your opinion of Confucius’ teachings?

Section 1, Land of the Middle Kingdom

Loess –

Famine -

Gorge -

Steppe -

Canals -

Levees -

Millet -

Rice -

Mongols -

Section 2, The First Chinese Dynasties of China
Dynasty –

Oracle bones –

Mandate of Heaven –

Warring States Period –

Pit-houses –

Royal Tomb –

Bamboo –

Daoism –

Bronze –

Chariot –

Analects –

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