Thursday, December 9, 2010

Clay Soldier Project

I hope that you walked away from today's class with an understanding of how awesome the Terracotta Soldier discovery has been not only for China, but the world. It is now your turn to create your own soldier. The directions below are meant to give you a basic understanding of what you must do. The important thing for you to do is be creative, and complete the project by Sunday.

1. You will need a small amount of brown colored clay, which you should know where to find.
2. You will need toothpicks or kabab sticks. They will help you attach the arms, legs, and head to your soldier's body. The sticks can also help you etch/scratch designs such as armor, head gear, eyes, and so on into your piece of clay.
3. If you have toy swords, bow/arrow, spears, shields, etc. that you can attach to your soldier, use them.
4. Your soldier needs to be 6 inches tall. The original soldiers are around 6 feet, so you will scale yours down to 6 inches.
5. I recommend you look at a variety of pictures to get a better idea of how to create your soldier. This can obviously be done by going to google images.
6. Make sure you write your name on the back of your soldier before the clay becomes dry so that I/we can keep track of who created what. Remember, there will be over 100 of them.
7. Good luck and know that you job is ultimately to protect the emperor!!!

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