Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Chapter 6, Sec. 3 Notes - A Golden Age in Greece

Athens Rebuilds

- When Greeks defeated Persians they experienced a "Golden Age"
- Greek Navy helped make empire wealthy
- Athens was rebuilt better than it was before war with Persia
- Parthenon was built on-top of acropolis-honored Athena, goddess of Athens

Government and Culture in Athens

- Citizens voted in an assembly (governments still do this today)
- Pericles became the new leader. Gave citizens more rights
- Schools were created (many studied Philosophy-the study of thinking and analysis of the world)
- Athenians were encouraged to speak up for greater rights
- writing led to theaters where citizens gathered outdoors

Peloponnesian War

- Attack on Athens led by Sparta and other city-states
- Weak army forced Athenians to hide behind the safety of city walls
- Ships were able to bring food in
- Disease eventually broke out in the city killing many people including Pericles
- Sparta eventually won war, but years of war weakened Greece as a whole

A New Power-Macedonia

- Located north of Greece
- Had an incredible army (18 feet long spears and soldiers on horseback
- Athenians were warned by a Greek orator that attack was coming, but didn't listen
- Macedonia took control of Greece

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