Monday, January 31, 2011

Chp. 7, Sec. 2 Notes - The Roman Republic

Early Rome

- Legend of Romulus and Remus
- City started out as a collection of mud huts near the Tiber River
- Wealthy Etruscan Kings lost power in 502 B.C. - REVOLTED
- Caused by division between rich and poor (rich controlled the government)
- Republic was created after Plebeians revolted in 494 B.C. against wealthy, more powerful citizens

Government of the Republic

- Most powerful men represented citizens: PATRICIANS
- 3 branches of government: Senate, Consul, and Tribune
- Laws were kept from plebeians until 540 B.C. when "12 Tables" were created

The Wars with Carthage

- Carthage (Phoenecians) had controlled most of Western Mediterranean coastal areas including Sicily
- Romans and Cathagenians fought for 20 years for control of Sicily and other key areas: "Punic Wars" (Punic means Phoenecian in Latin)
- Romans eventually took most land
- General Hannibal attacked Rome from the NW; wasn't successful

Problems in Italy

- Rich grew richer/powerful and the poor grew poorer/weaker
- Became difficult to rule colonies (areas outside of Rome)
- Allies (friends) revolted against Rome
- Plebians continued to struggle for power during these early years of the republic

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