Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chp. 7, Sec. 1 Notes - The Land of Italy

#1 Location

- Southern Europe
- Large Peninsula surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and Adriatic Sea
- Large Island of Sicily is in the SW

#2 Plains and Mountains

- Alps Mountains (north)
- Apennine Mountains (north to south) like a "back bone"
- Po River Valley and Latium River Valley
- Rome is located in Latium Plain

#3 Farming

- Farming is minimal in mountain regions, but possible in plains (Latium)
- Volcanic ash made soil rich in minerals
- Wheat, beans, cabbage, lettuce, fruit - GRAPES

#4 Etruscan

- Land they settled on is called "Tuscany"
- 575 B.C. they controlled most of the peninsula - Army power
- Kings ruled for many years

Center circle needs to have large title: Rome's Location and Advantages

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