Monday, March 14, 2011

Chp. 10, Sec. 1 Notes - African Geography

Continental Features

- Equator runs through Central Africa = tropical climate
- Largest desert in world = Sahara in North Africa
- Dry lands (Sahel)
- Rain Forests are plentiful


- Mainly one large plateau
- Savannas are typically in the south
- Atlas Mountains (NW) and Mount Kilimanjaro (East)
- Large basins are found in central/western regions

Great Rift Valley

- Eastern Africa (3,000 miles long)
- Divides continent into east and west
- Rich soil washes into valley = agriculture (farming)

Rivers and Lakes

- Lake Tanganyika (2nd deepest in world)
- Lake Victoria (2nd largest freshwater lake in world)
- 4 rivers (Nile is the longest and most famous)
- Waterfalls in the south (Victoria Falls)
- Rivers create power (electric) for continent

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