Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chp. 8, Sec. 3 Notes - Ancient North American Cultures


- SW part of the U.S.
- Growing crops and managing water resources was a challenge
- Mud brick homes (adobe)
- Ball courts
- Pottery, weaving baskets, bead work (necklaces)
- Lived by a caldendar that connected to the stars
- Traded wtih tribes in Mexico and in West Coast (California)


- Traded
- Shelter (homes) technology
- Agriculture (farming)
- End of civilization is still kind of a mystery

Mound Builder Cultures

- Midwest between Appalacian Mtns. and Mississippi River
- Plenty of water from rivers, lakes, and rainfall
- Sticks, grass, leather, rocks helped with the construction of homes
- Created elaborate (extensive) mounds used to bury the dead/religious ceremonies

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