Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chp. 10, Sec. 3 - West African Empires

1. (Cause) North African Muslims wanted gold and sub-Saharan Africans wanted salt (supply and demand)

(Effect) Trading between regions and cultures developed

2. (Cause) Like gold, salt was sold by its weight

(Effect) Development and use of scale system

3. (Cause) Muslim advisors helped West African kings run empire

(Effect) Islam spread to the region

4. (Cause) Mansa Musa (King of Mali) went to Mecca for hajj

(Effect) Muslim scholars, artists, builders, etc. returned to Timbuktu and made city better

5. (Cause) Songhai history has traditionally been passed on orally (word of mouth) in the form of songs. Arabic scribes soon recorded what the griots sang about and told

(Effect) History of civilization was preserved in writing, which is how we know about empire today

6. (Cause) Songhai armies did not have modern weapons

(Effect) Defeated by North African countries (Morocco) who had access to European weapons (gunpowder and cannons)

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