Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chp. 7, Sec. 3 Notes - The Roman Empire

#1 The Rise of Julius Caesar

- Born into Patrician family
- Military/Government experience/background
- As general of the Roman army in Gaul (France) he expanded territory/empire to English Channel
- His popularity made other powerful Romans jealous
- Group that supported Caesar went to war with group who supported another Roman general named Pompey (not the city) - Civil War
- Made alliance with Egyptian queen (Cleopatra) which made him wealthy

#2 The Fall of Julius Caesar

- The beginning of the end was when he made himself dictator of Rome - Supreme Ruler
- During this time grain was give to poor, and land to his soldiers
- Citizenship was granted to non-Romans
- Jealousy from Senators came to a tragic/sad ending; Caesar was assasinated in the Senate

#3 Augustus

- Caesar's grand nephew/adopted son fought for power and became Rome's first emperor
- Took charge of Rome's provinces, army, and government
- The month of August comes from him
- "Pax Romana" - brought peace and prosperity: better roads, trade, goods, public facilities (baths/colosseums)
- taxes paid for empire's development
- soldiers were paid a salary
- laws were created/enforced

#4 Rome's Massive Public Projects

- Aqueducts carried water to cities from mountains/rivers
- Bathhouses became community centers - libraries, museums, art galleries
- The development of the arch replaced the colum
- Invention of concrete allowed for stronger walls, buildings, bridges

In the center bar/rectangle - The Roman Empire Expands

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