Sunday, February 20, 2011

Power Point, Term 3 Project

Instructions for Social Studies/Computer Concepts – 3rd Term Major Project

1. You have chosen a chapter section starting with chapter 11 and ending with chapter 18.

2. This is part of your social studies grade and information technology grade (except if you have band or French), and you will present it to the class this term (to be announced). Take your time and put together a quality project.

3. If you do not take Information Technology because you are a French or Band student then you will need to work on this at home. Therefore, when I give you your summary you can’t lose it. You will have to turn it in for a grade. You will also be required to show me what you are doing at home from time-to-time (You will be notified).

4. You need to put your presentation on a flash drive so that we can view it in class. You may also want to do this so that you can view it at home. The day you present you will need to print out a copy of your presentation for me.

5. Your presentation will need to be 15 QUALITY slides (one of these slides will be your title slide).

6. You will receive instructions from Mrs. Zahra on how to do put together an awesome power point. I will also spend a couple classes teaching, explaining, and showing you power point examples from previous years.

7. Use the information from the summary that I will give you to put together your power point. I would encourage you to read the entire section at home and take notes in order to get more background information since that is where your textbook is. The summaries need to be returned to Mrs. Zahra at the end of each period and placed in their appropriate chapter folder.

8. Your power point needs to have at least 1 map as well as pictures and any other visual information or sounds/animation/video that will make it interesting, but not too distracting. You also need to include textual information in the form of bullets for each slide. Your bullets need to be no more than 5 words. These are just brief statements for your audience. You will use the bullet points to help you present the information in more detail.

9. Spelling does count!!!

10. Your presentation needs to follow the order of the section summary that has been given to you. Use the headings that the section summary provides you with. If you have a 3 heading summary then you will create 4 slides per heading. If you have a 4 heading summary then you will create 3 slides per heading.

11. The information is to come from the textbook, but the pictures, maps,
graphs, etc. are to come from the Internet.

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