Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chp. 8, Sec. 1 Notes - Geography of North America

The Far North

- Canadian Shield - low hills, ice, snow
- huge glaciers once covered region
- few plants/animals
- very challenging place for early settlers

East Central Region

- Appalacian Mountains
- Thick forests and wide rivers
- Plenty of animals and farming
- Rivers helped with transportation
- Lived in small huts

The West Central Region

- Rocky Mountains (west)
- Central plain lies between them
- Buffalo/deer herded thick grasses
- Thick roots of the praire = little farming

Middle America

- Deserty in northern area (Mexico)
- 2 coasts (Pacific/Gulf of Mexico)
- Rain forests can be found in south
- Mountains run down the middle (cool temperatures)
- tropical climate near equator

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