Saturday, September 11, 2010

August 29 - September 2 Schedule

Universal American School, Middle School
Weekly Assignment Schedule

from August 29, 2010 to September 2, 2010

Holmes, Social Studies, 6th


• Assign Seats
• Review weekly schedule
• Complete Introduction of 8 Strands of Social Studies; pp. A8 – A16 & H1-H2
• Explain 8 Strands of S.S. in class assignment

Review pp. A8-A16 & pp. H1-H2


• Distribute magazines and find 1 picture that relates to social studies strands
• Tape picture to “Strand Tree”

Read pp. H11-H12 and study/review 9 terms/vocab and continental map on pg. H12


• Review and discuss “Mapping Earth” vocab
• Learn difference between aerial photo, globe, maps, and longitude/latitude
• Work in small groups and complete questions connected to vocab/concepts using maps

Read pp. H13-H15 and study/review 8 terms/vocab and 5 maps related to section; “Using Maps”


• Review and discuss “Using Maps” vocab
• Learn difference between cardinal directions and intermediate directions
• Understand how to use a map scale, symbols, and keys
• Begin working on Compass in class

Complete Compass Art project at home and bring to class


• Map Skills Day
• Use maps to enhance understanding of map keys, direction, and scale

No Homework

The Key to Success and Doing Well on Tests:

1. Come to Class and Participate
2. Spend Time Each Night Going over the homework. This is called studying. You shouldn’t need to spend that much time doing so. The point is to do it and do it consistently.
3. Get Your Parents Involved – Have Them Quiz You.
4. Come to class confident and come prepared to demonstrate that you understand the content on test day.


[6]SSSM-7.7 Work effectively to achieve group goals:
• Engage in active listening
• Provide feedback in a constructive manner
• Help establish group goals
• Take various roles within the group
• Recognize contributions of others
[6]SSG-3.2 Use coordinates of longitude and latitude to locate points on a world map


• Students will understand the multiple layers that make up Social Studies
• Students will become familiar with the three perspectives of understanding location; maps, globs, aerial photographs
• Students will be able to locate map keys, and use the symbols to locate specific things on maps
• Students will use a variety of maps to enhance their map skills abilities
Assessment (Tests/Quizzes) Dates (These Dates May/Can be changed at any point) The following will be assessed:

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