Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 5 - September 8 Schedule

Universal American School, Middle School
Weekly Assignment Schedule

from September 5, 2010 to September 8, 2010

Holmes, Social Studies, 6th


• Review Map Skills Worksheet (Scale, relative location, cardinal direction, intermediate direction)
• Review Weekly Plan
• “World Regions” pp. 4-11
• Review Vocab (Power Point)

Read and Review pp. 4-11 and Study Vocab
1. Geography
2. Physical Region
3. Climate
4. Culture
5. Values
6. Customs


• “Learning About the Past” pp. 14-19
• Review Vocab (Power Point)

Read and Review pp. 14-19 and Study Vocab
1. Sources
2. Oral history
3. Artifacts
4. Primary sources
5. Secondary sources
6. Archaeologists
7. Excavate
8. Genes


• Review for test using Review Sheet and previous notes/work sheets

Study for “Introduction to Social Studies Test”


• Introduction to Social Studies Test

No Homework


• No School

No Homework

The Key to Success and Doing Well on Tests:

1. Come to Class and Participate
2. Spend Time Each Night Going over the homework. This is called studying. You shouldn’t need to spend that much time doing so. The point is to do it and do it consistently.
3. Get Your Parents Involved – Have Them Quiz You.
4. Come to class confident and come prepared to demonstrate that you understand the content on test day.


[6]SSSM-7.7 Work effectively to achieve group goals:
• Engage in active listening
• Provide feedback in a constructive manner
• Help establish group goals
• Take various roles within the group
• Recognize contributions of others

• Explain the meaning and importance of geography
• Understand the meaning of culture and how it crosses physical borders
• Explain the meaning of values in a culture
• Analyze the effect of technology on culture
• Identify the sources historians use to piece together the past
• Understand how archaeological discoveries can change views of the world
• Analyze what historians can learn about the development of humans through the use of DNA

Assessment (Tests/Quizzes) Dates (These Dates May/Can be changed at any point) The following will be assessed:
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Introduction to Social Studies Test

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