Sunday, September 26, 2010

Note to Parents Concerning Chp. 1 Grades

Dear Parents:

Today I gave your child a grade slip, which tells you what your child got on the Chapter 1 test, and whether or not I would like them to re-take test; you should want the same. Students may only re-take the test if they received a grade lower than 60%, which is an "F."

Your child should have given you the slip of paper by now. I just need you to sign off that you got it, and make sure he/she brings it back to me tomorrow. It is the only way that I can communicate information regarding the test to you. Next week I will give your child a copy of their test for you to see.

If your child got an "F" on the Chapter 1 test, they need to re-take a similar test by Thursday, in the hopes of doing better. Re-tests must be taken during lunch or after school. I will combine the average of the first test grade with the second test grade. Your child should have all of the materials that I gave them, and those they created for Chp. 1. This is what they need to review. You should go back to the study guide and make sure are comfortable with the information I recommended the students study. Finally, remind your child that they need to give me back the homework/class assignments/foldable that they should have.

Thank You,

Mr. Holmes

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