Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to Make Your Foldable

Follow the steps listed below to create your Foldable. Your Foldable will help you stay organized and prepare for tests.


1. Cut out individual vocabulary. On the back of each term write the definition, which can be found in the back of the book (glossary)

2. Cut out the chapter summaries. I have listed the subheadings to help you know which summaries belong with what section. Hope it helps!!! There are three: Sec. 1 - The Early People (People of the Old Stone Age and More Complex Skills), Sec. 2 - Stone Age Technology (Stone and Bone Tools and Special Tools), Sec. 3 - The Beginning of Agriculture (The New Stone Age, Catal Huyuk, Crafts and Trades)

3. You will glue each summary to the inside sections of the booklet you are making. The order that you do this is important. Sec. 1 to the left, Sec. 2 in the middle, and Sec. 3 to the right.

4. Label the bottom part of the booklet that helps keep everything together with the names of each section.

5. We have reviewed and completed Sec. 1 and will review Sec. 2 tomorrow in class. This means you have completed the homework for Sec. 1 and will complete the homework for Sec. 2 tonight. You need to copy the questions and answers from your notebook or loose leaf paper onto index cards. Write the questions on one side, and the answers on the other side.

6. The picture shows the supplies that you need (glue stick, scissors, colorful paper, vocabulary terms that need to be cut out, summaries that need to be cut out, and index cards. I forgot to list color marker or pen, but you obviously need this too.

Good luck and have fun being creative. The goal is to get yourself organized and ready for the upcoming test, which will be next week. If you are still confused, look at the picture closely and figure it out. This is due tomorrow so don't forget it at home or in your locker.

Have a good evening!

Mr. Holmes

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