Saturday, September 18, 2010

Instructions for Current Event Workshop

Current Event Workshop

Each week 3 students from this class will present a current event to the class. I will look for volunteers, but in extreme cases I will have to select students. Your responsibility is to then locate a current event you find interesting and present it to the class according the assignment’s instructions I have provided for you.

Once you have spun the globe and landed on a country, you will then go online and locate news (sports, business, current events, entertainment, etc.) from the country. You will need to show me the current event before presenting it to make sure it is appropriate for this assignment. You may want to use the following websites:

• Al-Jazeerza
• You can also do a web search using the key word: “News from Tanzania” for example

The current event that you research must be at least 500 words or more. Your responsibility is to:

• Find an article that is current (no older than one week)
• English only
• Read it and understand it

Once you have read and understood the current event you must:

• Summarize the article (5 Ws – Who, What, Where, When, Why/How) in YOUR OWN WORDS!
• You will need to find pictures and maps that relate to the event. You will also type out the 5 W’s using large text (36 pt. for example) using your own words.

After you have answered the 5Ws, you must write a reactionary paragraph. This is the time that you express your opinions, concerns, interests, and any questions you may still have.

In addition to reading and writing a summary, you must present the current event to the class. What I mean by present is you will explain and share the information of the article to us in
presentation format, meaning I don’t want you to stand up in front of the class and READ the summary you wrote word for word. Instead, you will use eye contact, a good speaking voice, and energy to explain the event to us like a news broadcaster does.

In order to succeed in doing this you must rehearse and be prepared.


  1. Hi, cant u put the study guide of tomorows test on the website ???
    from sarah (hand shake)

  2. hey mr.holmes when is the current events project do for the latest students?

    joey alomani 6-3

  3. Hey there Wendy, Joey needs to have his presentation done by Wednesday.