Friday, November 26, 2010

Foldable/Graphic Organizer Announcement

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. You can now add the questions, answers, and vocabulary to your foldable in a neat and organized fashion since Sections 1-5 are posted. Remember, this is a project, not just a drill in copying information. You MUST also include draw pictures that connect to the information from Chp. 4. I want you to do this on the back of your foldable. When I grade your foldable I will be looking for your cover to have the map of India. It must be colored, neat, labeled and include a large heading up top. On the inside of your foldable you need to have all the vocabulary, questions, and answers from Chp. 4. This needs to be done neat and organized. Remember, your foldable is one of 3 tools (graphic organizers, foldable, power point notes) that you can use to study for the test. On the back of your foldable I am looking for at least 5 pictures. They need to once again be neat and colored and labeled.

As for the graphic organizer notes for Chp. 4, Sec. 2, I will post those on Sunday; left them at school. To prepare for the test, you need to look over your foldable, and all the notes that you have taken in class (graphic organizers). If you do this you will have no problem writing your essays. There will be 5 essays: One for each section. Similar to Chapter 3, I will write the first sentence for you. I will also list key vocabulary words/concepts that need to be used and highlighted in your essay. I will also include a couple pictures/maps to help you put your thoughts in together. It is not enough to just use the vocabulary words/concepts in a sentence ("There were tributes in India.") for example. You have to explain and provide examples ("In order for the regional kings to stay in power, they had to pay tributes to Chandragupta"). When you take the test on Tuesday, I will give you the test, and you will need to get right to work. You need all the time possible to complete 5 quality short essays. On Wednesday you will turn in your foldable, graphic organizers, and homework. I want you to organize everything at home, put it into a plastic envelope in order like in the past, and be ready to hand it in on Wednesday. I don't want us to take up important time in class on on Wednesday searching for things.

See you Sunday!!!

Mr. Holmes

Have a great weekend!!!

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