Saturday, November 6, 2010

Globe Project Instructions

Globe Project!!! – Due Sunday, November 7

1. I think you can agree that drawing/labeling the world on paper is much easier than drawing/labeling it on a round surface!!!

2. I have given you instructions and time in class to understand this assignment. I would now like you to finish it at home this weekend, and bring it back to school on Sunday so that I can grade it. REMEMBER, YOU ARE THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO DO THE DRAWING AND LABELING, NOT MOM, DAD, BROTHER, SISTER, OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS, TUTORS, ETC.

3. Just a reminder of what needs to be shown on your globe: 7 Continents, 4 Oceans, an accurate compass, Mediterranean Sea, Arabian Sea, Yellow Sea (North China Sea), East China Sea, and South China Sea. This can all be found in your textbook using the maps at the end of the book.

4. Your globe needs to be colored. The continents should be green (you may want to color certain areas brown to show the major desert regions of the world), water should be blue. You need to also show the Prime Meridian (0 degrees from north to south) and Equator (0 degrees from East to West)

5. Your globe will be graded as follows:
a. Did you buy/bring materials to class like you were asked (4 pts.)
b. Did you work to the best of your abilities even though it was CHALLENGING and sometimes FRUSTRATING (4 pts.)
c. Is your globe more or less accurate, meaning, are things where they should be (4 pts.)
d. Is it done neatly and completely (4 pts.)
e. Did you bring it back to school on SUNDAY to be graded as instructed (4 pts.)
f. As you can see the project is worth a total of 20 points.

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