Sunday, November 28, 2010

Section 2 Notes (all of them for you guys in 6-4) - Sorry for posting this so late

Most of you have two remaining bubbles that need notes for Section 2. Here they go

Lost Cities of the Indus #1

- Harappa was discovered in 1921. This name (Harappa) is used to refer to ancient civilizations of India
- Harappan civilization lasted for 1,000 years
- Large cities existed (40,000 people)
- Cities had large avenues (paved streets) and tall buildings
- City was surrounded by fortress called a "citadel"
- Grain houses existed, religious pools, canals, gates

Harappan Culture #2

- Archeologists have been unable to understand symbols (language) found on artifacts
- Used precise measurements to make bricks, as well as molds to form shape
- Houses had toilets which shows understanding for engineering
- Organization of cities was led by powerful governments

Specialized Skills #3

- Specialized craft workers (jewelers) used gold, shells, gems
- Beautiful "Seals" marked possessions and goods
- Weavers, metal workers, pottery makers, and tailors
- Traded with Mesopotamian people
- Traveled by boat, foot, and animal

The Aryans #4

- In 1500 B.C. group of people crossed Hindu Kush mountain range
- Came from central Asia on horses and with their animals (sheep, cattle, horses)
- Traveled west into Europe and then south to Indian subcontinent
- Brought "Sanskrit" language and new religion

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