Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chapter 2: The Fertile Crescent "Foldable"

Read the following instructions and use the example provided to complete the first steps towards creating your foldable. Page 53 shows you how to fold and label paper, and pg. 79 shows gives you another example of the important things like the labels and how cool it looks when you color the foldable. You don't have to write anything under the section titles. I have given you the summaries. All that you have to do is paste them where they belong. Be neat please!

1. Cut out vocab cards
and write definitions
on the back. After you
define vocab terms,
use a paper clip to keep
them in order and clip
to the four corners of the flaps.
When you turn foldable in on the
day of the test you will staple them
to foldable so that they don’t get lost.

2. Cut out chapter summaries
and paste them in order from left
to right in the correct order. Next to
each heading you will see a number
(1, 2, 3, 4). That tells you what order
to put them in when you paste them onto
foldable sections from left to right.

3. The index cards with the questions on
one side and the answers on the other will
be taped to the foldable so that you can flip
them. Use clear tape. I don’t want you to
write the vocabulary from Q’s 1 of the review
and assess. Only Q’s 2-5 followed by the
answers that go with Q’s 2-5.

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