Thursday, October 28, 2010


We have spent a lot of time studying ancient Egypt, and YOU have spent a lot of time and energy completing assignments inside and outside of class to increase your understanding of the concepts. So this is what we have done, which are all resources that you can use to study for the test.

1. Foldable
2. Graphic Organizers
3. Ancient Egypt Map
4. Film Notes
5. Chapter 3 section 1, 2, 3, and 4 Assessments
6. Power Point Notes

If you have followed my instructions and recommendations, your foldable should have vocabulary lists, graphic organizer information, and section reviews and assessments (total of 4). There should be a map on the front cover of your foldable, and a minimum of 4 pictures/diagrams on the very back. If you have organized your foldable in this order, all that you should need to have in front of you when you study is your foldable, ancient Egypt map, and your power point notes.

The power point notes are basically the best example of what will be on the test, so if you know that information inside and out, you should do fine on the test.
You must be prepared to take the test. Don’t rely on using your foldable to complete the entire test. I will only allow you to use your foldable the last 5 minutes of the test. Many of you may not need to use it, but know that it is there to help you.

The test will be a written one, so when you are studying know that you are going to have to show me in writing that you understand the concepts that I am testing you on. I will provide you with pictures, writing prompts and key terms. You must then explain the relationship between the key words, photograph, and concept. Good luck studying, and remember be confident and be prepared!!!

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