Monday, October 4, 2010

Update to Parents and Students

Here are a couple reminders that I hope will help clear up any confusion, not to mention remind students and parents of important assignments, responsibilities, etc.

- The Chp. 2 Foldable is not due until next Monday. I gave the students the materials to create the foldable yesterday. I told them in class that they should try to complete it by this Tuesday/Wednesday so that they can begin using it to study for next week's test.

- Today I gave the students 5 maps. These maps are also due on Monday. Once again, the sooner they get them done, the sooner they can use them as a study resource. There will be a map section on the test that will be very similar to the map work I assigned them this week.

- The test is scheduled for Monday, October 11. I will give the students a study guide and tips on Sunday. I will also summarize the important points of the chapter using a power point presentation. The students will be given a copy.

- My goal is to help the students make as many connections to the material, and have as many resources as they can to learn and understand the information.

- If you want to start studying for the test, use the vocab cards, chapter summaries, graphic organizers, maps, and question/answer cards to begin studying for the test.

Thank You,

Mr. Holmes

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