Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chp. 3, Sec. 3 & 4 Homework Q's and Answers

Section 3 - Ancient Egyptian Culture

2. What was the source of Nubia's weatlh?
3. What were some examples of the major achievements of ancient Egyptian culture?
4. What are some examples of ancient Egypt's scientific knowledge?
5. Compare and Contrast the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom.


2. Gold
3. The pyramids, the temples at Karnak and in Nubia; a new realistic style of art, mythology, and hieroglyphics (ancient writing).
4. Astronomy (Study of the stars and planets), mathematics, pyramid engineering (building), and medicine
5. Pharaohs had a lot of power, successful trading networks within and outside of empire. Also, the New Kingdom was a stronger empire than the Middle Kingdom.

Section 4 - Nubia and Kush

2. Why did Kush move its capital to Meroe?
3. What were some characteristics of the Nubian civilization?
4. How did trade affect the lives of the people of ancient Nubia?
5. Why did Piye make the decision to invade Egypt?


2. To better protect itself from Egyptian attacks
3. Like Egypt, Nubia was divided into upper and lower regions. It also devloped cities, trade, and a government run by kings. Last, they had complicated religious beliefs.
4. For centuries, Nubians were active traders, making many Nubians wealthy.
5. He recognized that the Egyptians had become weak enough to conquer.


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