Thursday, October 7, 2010

Parent/Teacher Conference

I want to thank all the parents for patiently waiting for their "appointment" today. I know it wasn't a perfect schedule, but I hope you walked away feeling confident with what your child is accomplishing, or needs to work to improve. As a teacher, it was a true pleasure to sit down with parents and talk about what you like about me class, what you are concerned about, and ultimately, how your students overall experience is going. I can only imagine how much of an adjustment it is for you helping your child adjust to middle school. My course is challenging, but please know that I wouldn't ask my students to do things that I know they couldn't do. At the end of the day I am here to challenge your child, and to get them ready for 7th grade and thereafter. We are more than half-way through the first term, with three and a half more to go. Know that your child will adjust if they already haven't. You are a HUGE part of this process and I want to once again thank you for everything that you do.


  1. Hai, how are you? i hope you can win the blog challenge.